Motivational Speaker. World Class Pianist. Funny.
Speaking Topics

Theresa’s goal is to make her meeting planner look like a rock star, give audiences a phenomenal experience with maximum engagement and be the easiest, most professional speaker her clients ever work with.

She is most sought after by meeting planners looking to blow people’s socks off at conferences. (Sock collector not included in fee).

Change your Tune, Change your Life!
Motivation * Change * Teamwork * Humor * Attitude

A unique combination of audience interaction, live music, and funny stories results in hilarious teamwork, high energy and maximum engagement that leaves attendees glad they attended. Customized content ensures relevant points emphasized by popular songs played on piano and demonstrated by games throughout the presentation. Audiences learn how attitude is key to seeing change as an opportunity versus being fearful and negative.

Uplifting, entertaining and fully engaging, this program is popular with all generations and meeting planners looking for something different.

Our group needed a refreshing change for our annual meeting with all the changes going on in our industry these days. Theresa delivered a keynote that kept us fully engaged and laughing with her funny stories, interactive games and of course, the music was fantastic! 


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Happy Customers are Loyal Customers!
Motivation * Customer Service * Teamwork * Innovation * Humor

In today’s crowded marketplace organizations are finding it a challenge to attract and keep clients with so many businesses competing for the same customer. So how do you create a culture that influences people to buy from you versus the other guys? 

In this humorous presentation, audiences learn the three keys to being part of a successful team that delivers excellent customer service and impacts the bottom line. Practical ideas mixed with popular music,funny stories and interactive games, guarantee attendees to be fully engaged, entertained and energized! 

We would like to express how much we appreciate your leading the highly informative and energetic session at the 2016 CLAS Secretaries & Bookkeepers Conference.  Your unconventional presentation style was very well received and the content extremely engaging as seen by the standing ovation our group gave you! 


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Learn from The Beatles: Leadership that Motivates creates Rock Star Teams & Raving Fans!
Motivation * Leadership * Team building * Humor * Customer Service 

Why were The Beatles so popular? How did they attract millions of fans worldwide? What made them different from other bands?

They were likable, they were passionate about their music, they had a unique sound, they worked well as a team. People are influenced by people passionate about their work. 

All leadership begins with self-leadership. A leader’s job is to create the kind of work environment that inspires employees to motivate themselves. Likable leadership combines listening skills with an open door policy to ensure workers feel valued because people join companies but leave bosses and the #1 reason?  They feel unappreciated.

She loves you, yeah yeah yeah……!

Totally different kind of speaker! Funny as all get out but gave good advice…. She kept us fully engaged the whole time…..Loved the piano interaction with the audience…..High energy & a great motivator….So entertaining, talented & inspiring…..She gave me the tools I needed to attract raving fans…..Hilarious!


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From Gershwin to Gaga: Win Fans & Influence People to Supercharge your Success
Motivation * Peak Performance * Success * Innovation * Humor * Productivity

This entertaining, humorous presentation addresses how people need to stand out from the crowd to be successful in today’s economy. Learning new ways of working and managing people promotes inclusion, creativity, job satisfaction and a happy work environment that attracts the right kind of attention from the right kind of people. George Gershwin and Lady Gaga used these principles in their rise to fame and they work for everyone, every time, everywhere.  Audiences learn three simple tools they can implement immediately to improve work performance, boost teamwork and increase productivity to get the job/keep the job, get the customer/keep the customer.

Through audience participation, popular piano music, funny stories, and customized content this program engages, uplifts and energizes people leaving them with valuable takeaways, glad they attended and motivated to take action!

“Your program exceeded our expectations! The CUSTOMIZED MESSAGE and AMAZING MUSIC kept our group FULLY ENGAGED after dinner and made our event extra fun and special. Thanks a ton for a truly UNIQUE experience!  


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Kool Keys to Employee Engagement:  It All Starts with YOU!
Motivation * Employee Engagement * Productivity * Teamwork * Attitude * Humor

Did you know that only 32% of all US employees are engaged in their jobs? Employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to an organization’s financial success, such as productivity, profitability and customer service. Excessive staff turnover costs companies massive revenue.

This interactive keynote uses music, humor, and stories as tools to energize, engage, entertain and empower people to boost productivity, inspire innovation and transform negative attitudes. Audience members participate in games and exercises to demonstrate great teamwork between the generations, the power of passion, the impact of positive communications and the importance of building good relationships. 

Oh wait. It’s a ton of fun too!

 “The music was definitely a refreshing differentiator….Speaker messages were very applicable to today’s work environment with very creative delivery blending the right amount of message, music & interaction to keep it fun and informative…..She had no trouble keeping our entire group engaged…….Really good entertaining ice-breaker that set the mood for the day while providing valuable insights to the team!”
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Fifty Shades of Fun:  Healthy Doesn’t Have to be Boring!
Motivation * Stress * Healthcare * Inspiration * Humor 
With the increasing population of aging baby boomers and rising costs of healthcare, it’s imperative that people take responsibility for their own health and well-being. Caregivers and health care workers are stressed out with multi-tasking and compassionate fatigue and need practical tips they can implement on the job and at home.

Mixing music with message, games, and humor to maximize engagement, Theresa shows audiences how to make the most out of life whether they are a working professional, approaching retirement or already in their golden years. With her extensive experience in performing for senior living communities and Alzheimers groups, she shares valuable insights on how people can live a joyful, fulfilling life that results in good health in mind, body, and spirit. 

Entertaining, interactive, funny and uplifting, this program leaves people feeling happy, energized and inspired with ideas they can use!

“Theresa was a ball of energy! She was EXCITING, ENGAGING and CAPTIVATING and our audience responded really well to her message that fit our theme perfectly.”
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All presentations are customized to suit your needs and event theme

Conferences *  Corporate & association meetings * After dinner
Women’s groups * Awards/appreciation banquets * Healthcare events
Anywhere you need an energizing shot of adrenalin!


I thought your program was terrific! A great reminder of the healing power of music.


I really liked how you connected to our group by using several of us in your presentation. Playing live music made you very unique …motivational and entertaining at the same time!


Your program is wonderful and your message goes along with our customer service guarantee. I also bought your CD and it is just beautiful!


Your presentation was wonderful! Your humor is delightful, your music magnificent and your message is profound!

FIVE STAR QUALITY CARE – After dinner residents program

Thank you for such an uplifting energetic program! I am still receiving compliments on what a fun after-dinner presentation this was…inspirational, entertaining, funny yet informative!”

ST. LUKE’S EPISCOPAL HOSPITAL – Volunteer Appreciation

This type of program was perfect for our Volunteer Appreciation luncheon!

TEXAS HEALTH CHOICE – Staff Development Day 

Dynamic, extremely upbeat and personable! The laughter, reflection of self and interaction with our group was exceptional. Uplifting & fun! Sparkling humor, great energy! What an inspiration! Our staff not only remembered your message but they’re still laughing at your stories!

 MEMORIAL HERMANN HOSPITAL – Nurses Appreciation Dinner

Theresa’s presentation provided enlightenment with entertainment, LEARNING with LAUGHTER and motivation with music.  Her ability to FULLY ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE of nurses in the very timely topic was demonstration of her expertise as an outstanding speaker. Comments from evaluations:  “The best we’ve had!” “Great uplifting program!”


I was blown away with your presentation! I particularly liked the way you mixed music, humor, content and motivation while having active audience participation.  Your content put things in perspective for what’s going on in our lives right now. Thank you for keeping us INVOLVED and ENGAGED the entire time!

– Gina Ebers, The Alzheimers Gathering Place

I cannot remember a time when our entertainer has been more engaging and fun!  The laughter in that room was infectious and I loved how you just “went with it!”   We were surprised by many of our  Care Partners who normally are very passive but participated in your program  in ways we’ve never seen. How you play that piano  was something to behold! 

– Sherry Menger, Chapelwood Church, Ladies Luncheon

Theresa was fabulous!!!  She is so very talented as a pianist, she knows exactly what to play for the crowd and she was a beautiful smiling addition to our ladies luncheon. Everyone loved her!!!

– Kerry Ream, Sugar Creek Country Club

Outstanding job for our members wine dinner! It was the first time I’ve ever seen them crowd around the piano watching anyone play. We want you back for ALL our special events.

– Christine Keegan, The Hallmark Senior Living

Our residents LOVED you! They were fully engaged the whole time and it was so wonderful to see the joy on all their faces as they sang along to songs they knew. We want you back as often as possible!

– Jason Luther, Houston TX

“Theresa is an exceedingly talented pianist and added a touch of extra style to my event. All who attended our dinner party commented on the quality of her performance, yet there was nothing intrusive about her presence. I will definitely book her again in the future!”

– Cathy Lightfoot, The Buckingham

Our seniors asked me to book you more often because they enjoyed you so much. Thanks for making me look so good!